Procedure to generate kotlin-runtime-sources.jar

What is the recommened way to do this?

I’m sure this is probably trivial … once you know how to do it. I don’t seem to have the sources available in the M11 plugin.

The runtime sources are included in the plugin (kotlinc/lib directory). Do you have kotlin-runtime-sources.jar in the 'Sources' section of the KotlinJavaRuntime library in your project?

Thanks, this looks like it is pointing out the problem:

The KotlinJavaRuntime  Classes and Sources were pointing to a local <MyProject>/lib folder I’d created, but now think I do not need since I can use maven repositories through gradle. However, you’ll notice that the gradle repositories (highlighted above) do not point to the latest Kotlin libraries.

I ran this but it did not actually download anything new.
~/gradle-2.3/bin/gradle --refresh-dependencies

I couldn’t figure out a good way to fix this, so I just deleted .idea and re-imported the gradle build file. Now everything is working well; the correct kotlin library versions are detected through Gradle.