Questions about Kotlin compilation

Hey , am wondering how Kotlin project can be compiled for distribution, because i don’t understand how native compilation is done.
So when do we can compile a project (or build it with Gradle or any other build tool) so that it be a executable which don’t need Kotlin native installed to be run like in C-lang when it be compiled to a .exe so that don’t need GCC, because i want to share a app for desktop which will be run a non-developer PC.
So do kotlin can be compiled natively for Windows into a machine code which don’t need something else to be installed with (expect java).

JVM Kotlin projects compiles to java bytecode (mostly as .jars) whitch can be
executed using the java executable like so:

java -jar myapplication.jar

I wish this answers your question :blush:

hmm , no i mean i want my project to be self-contained native executable which don’t need something else to be installed , i looking if i use kotlin native with a compose desktop project , the build release a self-contained software