Raspberry Pi Web Server In Native


I am an experienced Java developer trying out Kotlin. I am looking to build a simple server to be run on Raspberry Pi 3 where it will use temperature sensor that is connected to GPIO and show the temperature when connected with web browser (I plan on using Ktor for this usecase).

I am totally new with Kotlin Native, and am struggling to understand how things are supposed to setup for Kotlin Native development. I am picturing that I want to have code that is runnable on my development machine so I can run tests, then when I’m satisfied with the testing, I want to compile to Arm executable and deploy it on Raspberry Pi.

I tried to go through Intellij IDEA’s create-project wizard to set up Kotlin Native. It asked me for targets, I chose native and linux32ArmHfp. When project opens, I see 4 source folders, 2 source for native and arm and 2 test source for native and arm. I’m not understanding how I’m supposed to do it. Am I supposed to write the code on native source and test it, then copy it over to Arm to deploy?

Does you guys have any suggestions for better development setup to do this?