Reflection and Class object instances


I am wondering how to use java reflection with kotlin.

Let’s consider something like this:

final Format format = new DecimalFormat("#.00");
final Number number = 1.2;

// Format.format(Object) using reflection (maybe those objects are on a different class loader)
final String formatted = (String)format.getClass().getMethod(“format”, Object.class).invoke(format, number);

So far I have this:

val format: Format = DecimalFormat("#.00")

val number: Number = 1.2

val formatted = format.javaClass.getMethod(“format”, <Missing piece>)?.invoke(format, number) as String

As you can see, I am missing a piece: How to translate the Object.class bit. I can’t use number.javaClass, because it won’t give me Object.class.

Is there a syntax for Object.class?

I ran into the problem before with android intents:

final Intent intent = new Intent(activity, OtherActivity.class);


In this particular case, I cannot get an instance of OtherActivity to call .javaClass on.

The workaround is to create the Intent like this:

final Intent intent = new Intent(null);

intent.setComponent(activity.getPackageName(), className);

This is only possible because this setComponent method exists and is public.


try: javaClass<Object>() to get the Object.class


Great, thanks.