Reflection - getFields doesn't works with inheritance?

Hello, I have a sample that works in java but doesn’t works after converting it in Kotlin:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    val a = A()
    System.out.println( //prints 0, but in java it prints 1

class A : B() {
//    @Throws(IllegalAccessException::class)
fun init() {
    for (field in {
        field.setByte(this, 1.toByte())

open class B {
var foo: Byte = 0
private val bar: Byte = 0

It works only with
field.isAccessible = true
but it’s not the same way

The Java fields for both foo and bar are private. If you want to expose a Kotlin property as a public Java field, you need to annotate it as @JvmField as described here.

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