Reflection not working

I wanted to play through some reflection exercises from the book ‘Kotlin in Action’.
fun someFunction() = “I am some Function”
val kFunction= ::someFunction

It throws an error:
internal.KotlinReflectionInternalError: Introspecting local functions, lambdas, anonymous functions, local variables and typealiases is not yet fully supported in Kotlin reflection
Does anybody have an idea, why it does not work as advertised? I thought this is something very basic when working with reflection.
Otherwise it works so far. The code compiles OK and I have successfully coded some toy code using declaredMethods and memberProperties for example. So, it is not like there is an issue with the library not bein available or something.

Oh god! When hitting the Enter key, I saw it. I got the functin locally defined. Simple. Forget this.

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