Reified generic parameter inside coroutine is not working

I am creating http json client. I am using Volley in combination with coroutines. I wanted to create generic http client so I can use it everywhere.

I have created generic extension method to parse JSON string into object.

inline fun <reified T>String.jsonToObject(exclusionStrategy: ExclusionStrategy? = null) : T {
val builder = GsonBuilder()

if(exclusionStrategy != null){

return builder.create().fromJson(this, object: TypeToken<T>() {}.type)


Problem is that when I call this method I don’t get expected result. First call gives proper result. Object is initialized. But second call, where I use generic parameter which is passed to method, ends with exception “LinkedTreeMap can not be cast into Token”.

    protected inline fun <reified T>sendRequestAsync(endpoint: String, data: Any?, method: Int, token: Token?): Deferred<T> {
    return ioScope.async {
        suspendCoroutine<T> { continuation ->
            val jsonObjectRequest = HttpClient.createJsonObjectRequest(
                Response.Listener {
                    //this call is successful and object is initialized
                    val parsedObject : HttpResponse<Token> = it.toString().jsonToObject()

                    //this call is not successful and object is not initialized properly
                    val brokenObject : HttpResponse<T> = it.toString().jsonToObject()
                Response.ErrorListener {

Call of generic method.

fun loginAsync(loginData: LoginData): Deferred<Token> {
    return sendRequestAsync("/tokens/", loginData, Request.Method.POST, null)

This is how httpresponse data class looks.

data class HttpResponse<T> (
val response: T

I saw a workaround here using but I don’t like this approach and I would like to use reified and inline keywords.

So please could someone give me any advice on this?

Thank you