Reified type is erased?

I have written a function with reified generic type:

inline fun <reified T> printType() {

and this is the output when I call:

class [Ljava.lang.Object;
class [Ljava.lang.String;
class [Ljava.lang.String;

As mentioned in the documents, T will be replaced with String at compile type. So what’s the difference between the first and the second print?

1 Like represents java Class, which does not hold generic reference.

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Most generic type paramters are erased. There is one exception to this, however: Array is compiled to Java array, whose element type is not erased. Read the OPs example closely: Array<String> evaluated to String[], while Array<T> evaluated to Object[]. Since T is reified, you would expect it to be treated the same way as a non-parameter type such as String.

To be honest this feels like a kotlin bug. reified should be treated exactly the same as any other type.
I created an issue for it:

inline fun <reified T> printType() {

Looks like a bug to me. If you really need that class, you can get it like that: arrayOf<T>().javaClass It involves creating new object. You can also use something like Class.forName("[L${};") which works but looks a bit more cryptic.