Round() produced weird result

So, I’m debugging my code, and I found a weird bug(?) in Kotlin. I don’t know if this is intended, but from the code examples I saw online, this is not supposed to be the case.

unrounded: 1664.5
rounded: 1664.0 ← round(): double
expected: 1665.0

From the Kotlin round documentation:

Rounds the given value x towards the closest integer with ties rounded towards even integer.

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I found the answer thanks to this Reddit discussion. Sending it here for others.

round(): float and round(): double does not work like Math.round() in Java.

Instead, use .roundToInt(): Int or .roundToLong(): Long

Thank you. I found the answer. I found it weird because it’s inconsistent with Java’s Math.round()

.roundToInt() works like Java’s Math.round()

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