Run common module test in Intellij

I have a common module and a respective JVM module.
The common module contains a function and a matching unit test, using the common annotations etc.
The JVM module contains another class and associated test.

Now when I run the tests via gradle :module-jvm:test , the common module test is also executed. Thats fine!

But how can I run (and if necessary debug) the common module test in the IDE?
If I run all JVM module tests in the IDE, the common module test is not executed.
And, of course, it cannot be executed alone.

Help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Running common tests is supported in version 1.2.20 of the Kotlin plugin, which is currently available in EAP.

Nice, thanks.

Hi @yole
I try to run Kotlin test in Android Studio then get this error. the command line is working well.
Can you tell me how to run a single test in IDE?
Help is appreciated :slight_smile: thank you

The project is GitHub - JetBrains/kotlinconf-app: KotlinConf Schedule Application, code is latest.
Test file is DateTest.
Android Studio version is ’ 3.0.1 ’
Kotlin plugin version: 1.2.30-release-Studio3.0-1
Process finished with exit code 1
Class not found: "org.jetbrains.kotlinconf.DateTest"Empty test suite.

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