Running child IDEA from kotlin project, or Compiler Tests


I looked at the instructions in github/, and I'm trying to run the child IDEA from kotlin root project.

I see an IDEA run configuration, but it has and X, and when I look at the run configuration I see the error: Class ‘com.intellij.idea.Main’ not found in module ‘idea_runner’.

Also, when I try to run “All Compiler Tests” I get a lot of compiler errors, e.g. all the com.intellij.psi imports.

Did I miss a step, or do I need to set some dependency I don’t know about?  Thanks!


Did you run

ant -f update_dependencies.xml



Yes, I did, it ran successfully.  I also ran the build.xml after that, which was also successful.


Does another git pull (or VCS -> Git -> Pull) help?

Incidentally you don’t have the Kotlin plugin installed right?


Yes, now everything works, I'm able to run child IDEA, and all the Compiler tests.  I did a git pull and ran the update_dependencies.xml and build.xml.

I had the kotlin plugin installed, but not enabled.  I also tried enabling the plugin, not sure if that made any difference (I think the git pull did the trick).  Thanks!