SAM conversion throws ClassCastException

We are using java generated entities with functional methods on entity collections like any, select, collect
They work fine in java but fail when trying to call them from Kotlin.

In java I can call

    UmlgSet<? extends Group> groups = Group.allInstances();
    Group g = groups.any( group -> true);

Trying to do the same from Kotlin fails.

    val groups : UmlgSet<out Group> = Group.allInstances()
    val group = groups.any({true})

And the exception

java.lang.ClassCastException: com.digitata.netaggregate.aggregate.TestThis$test$group$1 cannot be cast to org.umlg.runtime.collection.ocl.BooleanExpressionEvaluator

	at com.digitata.netaggregate.aggregate.TestThis.test(TestThis.kt:22)

The BooleanExpressionEvaluator looks like,

    public interface BooleanExpressionEvaluator<E> extends BodyExpressionEvaluator<Boolean, E> {
	Boolean evaluate(E e);

Any idea what is going wrong here. I tried to duplicate it with a simpler project but then it keeps on working.


Ok, its related to