Secondary constructur with JVM signature conflict

The following little code produces an error in IntelliJ IDEA.
class A(fct1: (Int) -> Float = {0.4f}) {
constructor(fct2:(Int)->Unit) : this()
The compiler perceives fct1 and fct2 as a conflict, allthough they have different types (Int)->Float and (Int)->Unit respectively. Isn’t it the philosophy of Kotlin to take care for exactly that sort of thing? fct1 and fct2 are just different parameters.
Any opinion?

Maybe it works like this:

class A(...){
    companion object {
         operator fun invoke(...)= A()

the reason it doesn’t work is that the return type of a lambda is a generic.
Generics are changed to object during compile time.
Therefor, both the lambda’s will return the same value: Any?.
Therefor it’s not possible to have both at the same time.

With my solution, you will have two functions that are really different.
That means that it’s now a question of kotlin is smart enough to create the correct match…
Update: Kotlin can’t make the match (yet), even when inlining both.

I Java you can have very similar problem

import java.util.function.Function;

public class A {
	public A(Function<Integer, Float> f) { }
	public A(Function<Integer, Void> f) { }

Error: ‘A(Function<Integer, Float>)’ clashes with ‘A(Function<Integer, Void>)’; both methods have same erasure