Setting an if else statement

I want to setup an if else statement that checks the value of a variable.

However, something different is that, it should check the value between 2 numbers

val a=6
How do I set the statement up that it checks if x is 3<x<7 and print in a message?

(That’s not specific to Android so you probably don’t want that tag on the question.)

You can use boolean logic. The operators &&, ||, and ! are the basics.

if (3 < x && x < 7) { println("hola") }

That syntax is similar to many other languages.

Or you can use ranges.

if (x in 10..20) { ... }

Note that ranges are inclusive - that will be true if x is 10 or 20. So with your example using < instead of <=, it might be simpler to use the and operator (&&).

You can get a range which excludes its end point, with the until operator:

if (x in 4 until 7)
    print("in range")

(The range still includes its start point, though.)