Showcase KOTUNES (Amiga Modplayer)


A quick run with Kotlin and I really like it. Brings back a lot of fun in programming.
(There are still bugs in the rendering engine but you are welcome to fork on github)

A few things I figured:

  • Compile time seems to be slow (considering that my project has 10 files, 6sec is quite slow)
  • A lot of number type conversation is necessary(passing an int to a double parameter should be fine without toDouble()?)
  • Project creation wizard is not very comfortable. No initial setup is created (html, proper project structure, etc…)
  • Autocompletion often lacks all possible entries
  • Editor is more buggy than when working with Java (I had a hard time when trying to undo something which was just messing up more and more of my code)
  • Editor gets really slow when there are more than a handful errors (for instance when copy and pasting code from another language)
  • Exposed javascript code often looks a bit too complex and not straight forward (when using lambdas or loops).
  • Documentation lacks examples ( > ‘kotlin in action’ has only chapter numbers - no hints of the content)

Nevertheless. I could manage to write this code within 2 days. Kotlin has a really nice learning curve and it is fun to write. We are considering it for the next version of

Thumbs down for the name though (just kidding, we are professionals) :slight_smile:


Compilation time greatly depends on your setup, e.i. cashing and incremental compilation. On JVM it is quite small.