State of Kotlin/JS?


I'm starting a new project, so decisions about technology are being made. I'm quite satisfied that the Kotlin/Java implementation is mature enough for what we're doing. However, there's scant information about Kotlin/JS. I tried to set up a project, but there's exactly zero documentation on how to do so, and how to get kotlin compiling to JS. Is anyone using the Kotlin/JS compiler? Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to set up a project in IDEA that will build Javascript?

When creating a new project, do we create a Java module? Web Module?

If I make a Java module, I have the option to configure it with the Kotlin Javascript compiler. But whenever I build, it just produces Java .class files.

In short, I don’t get very far before completely hitting the wall, and I’d like to know if it’s worth it at all at this point, or if the JS stuff is still just a proof of concept.


Unfortunately, Kotlin/JS is still very prototype quality, although its development is speeding up recently. I wouldn't recommend using it in production any sooner than early 2014.

But we can provide you with some instructions on how to use it if you like.


Thanks Andrey... I think I'll leave it alone until it gets a little more mature.