Statistical linking (".a" from "dll")


I use the functions of the library “libcurl” from the dll. I would like to have one executable file. And for this, using Microsoft utilities, I get a list of functions of this dll, create a “.def” file and compile the “.a” statistics library. I tried to write a kotlin def file wrapper and a “.h”. But when you run the exe file, it looked for dll. Is it possible to do without her?
P. S windows user


As I suppose, using:
“dumpbin / exports C: \ path \ libcurl.dll” and “dlltool -D libcurl.dll -d libcurl.def -l libcurl.a” this cannot be done, most likely I am getting an “incorrect” statistical library. Those. Can I only use the compiled “.a” with my own hands?libcurlA