[stdlib] Is there a date-time / ISO-8601 API planned for the future?


Sorry in advance for the broad question.

What support is there now, and what is planned to be in the future concerning date and times in stdlib (something like java.time - formerly joda - but even better xD) ?

Is that an identified need/evolution ? Or is it planned to be delegated to third-party libraries ?

What I’ve found in official doc looks like it’s strictly focused on time measurement (stdlib.time).
On the KEEP repository, Only thing I’ve found is a PR closed more than one year ago.

What I am particularly interested into is parsing of ISO-8601 intervals such as:


Right now there is this KEEP which is in an experimental state since kotlin 1.3.50

Not sure if that is what you are looking for. I’m not super familiar with it or time/intervals in general.