The documentation of Kotlin

Hello I wanted to say that there is a problem in kotlin documentation.There is not left side of the screen for navigating, I don’t know what is the cause of this situation but I still can’t reach the page.please the team who is liable for documentation solve the can check this link Kotlin docs | Kotlin

Could you explain what you’re seeing, and your browser/platform/&c?

That link works fine for me on macOS (using Chrome or Safari): there’s a sidebar on the left with Home, Get started, Kotlin overview &c — and from there down the entries can open up into submenus. On Android (using Firefox) I don’t see the sidebar; but instead there’s a hamburger button at the top right, which shows the sidebar when tapped.

So no, there’s no obvious problem with the Kotlin documentation site itself. Could there be an incompatibility or other problem with your browser?

Thank you, it is fixed now

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