there are libraries of statistics and distributions


Hello, are there libraries for kotlin to solve these types of problems?
I was asking if there are libraries for the following:

  • Distribution Normal
  • Distribution Chi-Square
  • Distribution t-Student
  • Distribution F

For example, if I want to find the critical point of 0.95 or the value of 1.32 for the Normal distribution .

Or if I use the t-student and I have n-degrees of freedom = 12 to 0.95 and similarly to chi-square .

Good for distribution F, would n =? and m =? and a 0.50, What I want is to have their respective values through the Kotlin language .


Are you already looked for a Java library?
It woks on JVM/Android.


If you are not going for multiplatform, you can easily use Commons-math library. It has all what you need. As for Kotlin bindings, It is planned to be added to kmath. Please open a feature request issue to make it come faster.


Hi, in java there is apache commons math, but in kotlin there is kmath and this incomplete


Is apache commons math enough for you? Use it.
Do you like kmath project? Contribute it.