Tips to create ReScript compilation target


I love Kotlin because of its simplicity and Multiplatform that allows me to write Native applications (iOS, Android, Web, Desktop) while sharing business logic among them.
I’m also a proponent of ReScript on the front for web applications.
There is a JavaScript and Typescript compilation target but no ReScript target.
I’d like to contribute and create a ReScript target. Where to start? Could you provide initial guidance?
Or someone I could reach out to?


There is no TypeScript compilation target. There is only an option to create TypeScript typings for the generated code. I would start with from gradle binaries.library() flag in gradle plugin which is used for typescript bindings generation.

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I’m not familiar with ReScript, but it looks like there are tools for ReScript <-> TS conversions Introduction | ReScript GenType

Using such tools as a post-processor of our generated .d.ts files might be the easiest way.

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