Unable to import fat JAR in a Kotlin Project

I am integrating an Open API Generated Java SDK in a kotlin project . But I am unable to import the JAR file even after adding it in an external folder and specifying its location in pom.xml . On further inspection I got to know that I am unable to import only FAT Jar(dependencies are bundled together) .Normal JAR (dependencies are not bundled together) is working fine and I am able to use that in my project . Is there something I am doing wrong ?

import com.precisely.apis.Psap911ServiceApi    //Not able to import as compliler is highlighting that no such file is present.
fun main(args :Array<String>){

    val  api = Psap911ServiceApi()
    api.apiClient.generateAndSetAccessToken("KEY", "SECRET")
    val address : String = "950 Josephine Street Denver CO 80204";
    try {
        val response = api.getPSAPByAddress(address);
    catch (e: Exception) {


This is a known bug: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-25709/IDE-Unresolved-reference-from-fat-jar-dependency-with-Kotlin-runtime. See comments for possible workarounds.