Unresolved reference error, while IDE don't throw any cide error


So, the question in the title.

I updated the project from GitHub, started on AVD, it works - no errors were found.
But after I added/modified some code parts, again without errors, whenever I try to run the app, the compiler throws :

e:%path/%class.kt :{n,y}     
Unresolved references: %methodname

I clicked on the error link and it’s an open screen with added/modified code, but still, IDE doesn’t show any error in the code.

I tried to run similar code on another machine - it worked just fine, with no error.
Restart/Invalidate cache not working.

Android Studio version - Arctic Fox RC 1 (2020.3.1.21)
Kotlin version - 1.5.21
Gradle version - 7.2

Thanks for the answer!