Unsupported Delegation without primary constructor

I ran into an issue with kotlin delegation where I want to delegate the interface implementation to a variable. The problem is that the superclass has some other constructors that I would not want to lose really

interface Delegate
class CustomView(myRequiredDelegate: Delegate,context:Context): ViewGroup(context), Delegate by myRequiredDelegate

Now as you can see I will have problems with the android studio preview as there is no constructor(context: Context) that is accessible from CustomView class
This will affect other requirements of Android studio render engine as, it is also missing
constructor(context: Context, attrs: AttributeSet) accessible for CustomView and as well can not really do a JvmOverloads as the first argument is Delegate that is required

class View(myRequiredDelegate: Delegate,context: Context): ViewGroup(context), Delegate by myRequiredDelegate{
   // as you can see here I can no longer have access to call super(context, attrs...)
   // which provide more attrs for the custom view
   // and not sure if kotlin provides any other way to access the other super constructors
   constructor(context: Context):this(dummyForDelegate,context)

I just want to know if there is a way to provide the delegation as so without breaking the super call chain not specifically for android but for any other case that might have the same delegation constraints…