Upload multiple photos with queue, service and retrofit


I am trying to upload one or multiple photos to the server, and what I want is to show a view where the upload percentage is displayed, and a notification.

I’m looking to decide whether to use WorkManager or Service. I think service would be the option that I take, so that the upload does not interrupt when I browse to other screens, I also look for when the application dies also the service.

I want to show the box when I upload images and hide it when I finish


When several photos are uploaded
I want to manage with the queue on Android with service.

I have advancing the class for the rise with retrofit.

What I would miss is to create the service, update the notification and the view (fragment), and manage queue all the images.


This is really an Android question, not a Kotlin question. Try stackoverflow.com


thank you, sorry I’m missing question. To upload a list of photos, I would like help, how can I use queue in kotlin

Retrofit an GSON: deserialize a specific object type based on the value of a field


pdvrieze is right. This question is more appropriate for stackoverflow.

  1. Follow the link he posted,
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  4. I will look at it there.


I found where someone already answered the question,


Thank you, I will review it now