Use @Deprecation `ReplaceWith` for multiple substitutions

I need to split a function that has an argument and 3 lambas in 3 different extension functions like this:

    "Change it!",
fun deprecatedFunction(subject: Int, l1: (Int) -> Unit, l2: (Int) -> Unit, l3: (Int) -> Unit) {}

fun Int.f1(l: (Int) -> Unit) {}
fun Int.f2(l: (Int) -> Unit) {}
fun Int.f3(l: (Int) -> Unit) {}

So that when it is written:

deprecatedFunction(10, { a -> }, { b -> }, { c -> })

it is recommended to switch to:

10.f1 ({ a -> })
10.f2 ({ b -> })
10.f3 ({ c -> })

Unfortunately the IDE does not recognize "subject.f1(l1)\nsubject.f2(l2)\nsubject.f3(l3)" as a valid refactor and the substitution is not recommended at all.
Tried "subject.f1(l1);subject.f2(l2);subject.f3(l3)" as well, no luck.

Is there a way to do it?

This looks like just missing IDE functionality, in principle no language changes are required. Please submit a feature request at Thanks!

Done :slight_smile: