Using crossinline

Hi! I have read about that I should use inline in my high-order functions. My code:
in activity:
presenter.start { isUserExist →
if (isUserExist) {
} else {

in presenter:
inline fun start(crossinline login: (Boolean) → Unit) {
Repository.AuthRepo.login(deviceId).enqueue(object : Callback {
override fun onResponse(call: Call?, response: Response?) = when (response?.code()) {
HTTP_SUCCESS → login(true)
HTTP_NO_USER → login(false)
else → report(R.string.all_some_error)

        override fun onFailure(call: Call<BaseResponse>?, t: Throwable?) {
            "LOGIN".log("onFailure: ${t?.message}")

Compiler recommends me to use crossinline and I understand why. But I want to understand. Will I get all benefits from inlining the high-order function when I will be using crossinline