Want to contribute

I am just out of college and is interested in contributing to Kotlin.I have worked in C/C++, Ruby etc. Pls help me in deciding out on what to do/ where to start on Kotlin.I have no prior experience in Java.

Before you start contributing to the language, you should really get some experience using it. Start with the workshop (https://github.com/jetbrains/workshop-jb) and then write an application in Kotlin that "scratches your itch" - does something that you wanted to do.

Once you’re reasonably comfortable using Kotlin, we’ll be able to point you to some issues where it would be easy to start contributing.

Note that Kotlin is a fairly complex project, and it may be difficult to jump in if you don’t have any prior experience with compilers or IDE plugins.

Just to add to what Dmitry mentioned:

  • We also could use help in terms of documentation, tutorials, demos, etc.
  • The issue tracker has a tag "Up for grabs" (previously "Newbie"), that are ideal for beginners

Woah thank you will work on that and once I am finished will inform you.