What are plans for Kotlin runtimes after kotlin-stdlib-jdk8?

org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk8 seems like the latest version of the Kotlin runtime stdlib. What are the plans or roadmap for jdk9, 10, etc?

It seems that these new versions are needed for full interoperatbility of Kotlin with Javas that are greater than 8–and Java 8 is long since deprecated.

(I see this issue but it has little new.)

I believe they target the JVM-bytecode of version 8, but Kotlin can be run with any higher JVM, since JVM is pretty backwards compatible most of the time. I use OpenJDK15 myself by the way.

Or doesn’t that answer your question? I am not sure what you mean with “Javas”.

Also, the 1.5 version mentions value classes in order to leverage project Valhalla, so I think they look towards the future.

mean with “Javas”.

I just mean “version of Java”

Kotlin can be run with any higher JVM,

Thank you. That is important.

There are features of bytecode that Kotlin could leverage once it gets beyond Java 8, like those listed here.

I also see this discussion of Kotlin with Java 11 bytecode