What is the preferred way of implementing a typescript interface?


I’m trying to interface with a typescript library that deals a lot with Json.

They define a lot of interfaces for declaring what the Json must contain which is nice for type safety but it’s causing some problems in Kotlin. When I try to implement the interface and then serialize that object as Json I get mangled names in the Json due to how Kotlin implements properties.

For example, given these declarations:

external interface Foo {
    val foo: String

class FooImpl : Foo {
    override val foo = "foo"

Kotlin will generate something like this:

function FooImpl() {
  this.foo_new1zk$_0 = 'foo';
Object.defineProperty(FooImpl.prototype, 'foo', {
  get: function () {
    return this.foo_new1zk$_0;
FooImpl.$metadata$ = {
  kind: Kind_CLASS,
  simpleName: 'FooImpl',
  interfaces: []

which leads to this JSON.stringify(Foo()) outputting {"foo_new1zk$_0":"foo"} rather than the desired {"foo":"foo"}.

One way to solve it is to use json() and asDynamic() but then I lose the type safety which isn’t what I want.

Are there any other solutions to this problem?


You don’t have to inherit external interfaces for json objects
see JQueryAjaxSettings sample https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/js-interop.html