What's the best resource qualifiers should I use in creating a responsive layout?

I’ve been trying to make my simple calculator app responsive with different mobile phone screen sizes using Density as my resource qualifier, I specifically used the hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, and xxxhdpi for my layouts.

This is how my file structure looks like for reference:
[File structure]

I then tested my app on different phones of my friends and my app seemed to have no problem with displaying responsive layout on modern phones regardless of its size, but then the problems started when I tried to run my app on large phones with low-density (around 320ish dpi), like layout designs intended for hdpi phones are being displayed on a large phone since the phone itself has a low density.

This is how it looks like for reference:


Is there any solution to this? Or should I just use different resource qualifiers in creating a responsive layout? And I’m also wondering, is there any more efficient way to create a responsive layout without using constraint layout alone (assuming that an app has a complex design)? Since for example, I have 10 fragments in my app, I don’t think creating three or more different XML resource qualifiers per fragment is efficient.

Thank you so much for reading my problem, I hope you can help me with this, thanks!

Have you checked out the constraint layout?

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Good day, thanks for reaching out. Yes I’m already using constraint layout, it’s just that I don’t think It’s enough to scale my dimensions and text depending on the screen size. But I found a solution now, so I just need to use ssp (scalable sp), and sdp (scalable dp). Basically I need to design my layout using my smallest intended screen size, then it will resize automatically as the screen size increases.