What's wrong with javax.crypto?

import javax.crypto.*

will cause error :  Unresolved reference: crypto

using kotlin-maven-plugin 0.6.1670.


You should explicitly add jce.jar  from JDK to Kotlin classpath, because Kotlin Compiler explicitly add only rt.jar.


Thanks, but how can I achieve this with maven-plugin ?


This problem should be fixed in the recent nightly builds. Now the whole JDK is included automatically, no extra configuration is needed on your part.

Could you check if it works for you? Thanks


Yes, it works now. But also import another little bug :

  if(obj is SelfJson){ //           return toJson( obj.javaClass,obj)   // wrong with kotlin-maven-plugin_0.6.1910            return toJson( (obj as SelfJson).javaClass,obj)  // ok   }


Could you report this to the tracker with a little more context? Thanks.


reported here: