Why InputStreamReader .read() waiting until forever

I have Android service and this service stay as ServerSocket and reading message from client than response them via socket connection

I start server socket port 5000 in one Thread then in that one i accept clients and reading messages.

My problem starts here . When i’m reading message sometimes my .read() function waiting until forever and i cannot read message.

What can i do?

Here my code

 var serverSocket: ServerSocket?=null

 fun startService() {//Where i start Android service
    val server = ClientHandler()

internal inner class ClientHandler() : Runnable { //Where i start Socket server
    override fun run() {
        try {
                serverSocket = ServerSocket(5000)

            while (true) {
                val socket: Socket = serverSocket!!.accept()
                socket.reuseAddress = true
        }catch (e: ConnectException) {
            _logEx("UnExpected connection error", e)
        catch (ex: IOException) {
            _logEx("ClientHandler", ex)
        catch (e: Exception){
            _logEx("ServerSocketHandler ", e)


internal inner class ServerThread(socket: Socket) : Thread() {
    private var client: Socket = socket
    private val writer = PrintStream(client.getOutputStream())
    private var receiveString: String = ""
    override fun run() {
        try {
            _log("serversocket isclosed : ${serverSocket?.isClosed}")
            _log("socket isclosed : ${client.isClosed}")
            _log("Starting to read message")

            val inputStream = client.getInputStream()
            val byteArrayOutputStream = ByteArrayOutputStream(2048)
            val buffer = ByteArray(2048)
            var bytesRead: Int
            while (true) {
                bytesRead = inputStream.read(buffer)//Sometimes cannot read message and stays until forever
                if (bytesRead == -1) {
                byteArrayOutputStream.write(buffer, 0, bytesRead)
                receiveString = byteArrayOutputStream.toString()

        } catch (ex: Exception) {
            _log("Cannot read the message. Please try again")
            val spReq = Error()
            spReq.sendErrorMsg(writer, "Cannot read the message. Please try again")

Are you sure you always send some data on the client side? read() is a blocking operation, so this is a normal thing that it blocks for unspecified amount of time. You can set a timeout on a socket, if this is what you need.

Actually we fixed problem from client side. When Client side is connecting server but after all not waiting connection status and sends message immediately so sometimes message can lost that small interval .