Why isn't mod infix?

The mod method (see this) isn’t infix, and yet it would me much easier to use that way
Is there any reasons not to infix it ?

Modulo operator can be overloaded by using remaining operator.

I think the mod documentation lacks a @see rem tag and a short description of why rem is favored over mod.

A simple Kotlin example :

fun main() {
    print("Hello" % 2)

operator fun String.rem(charCount : Int) = length % charCount

Thank you, but I wasn’t talking about the remaining operator, I was talking about the mod method. Those are different methods.

The % operator was originally overloaded using operator mod. This was changed to operator rem in Kotlin 1.1. I assume that the mod function now exists mainly for backwards compatibility with old code that invokes mod without using the operator syntax, as well as for binary compatibility with code compiled before Kotlin 1.1.