Why this function does not work?


So this function has some very weird behavior.

fun tryCatch(f: () -> Unit){
    try {
    }catch (e: Error){

When i use it in my code

tryCatch {
  1. The debugger never stops on breakpoints inside this closure
  2. sometimes the lines where the debugger stops are completely off code
  3. sometimes the code inside is never executed

Am i not understanding something crucial about Kotlin and lambdas?

Can it be so that each line in the closure is executed in its own try {} catch {}?


If debugger stops on wrong line, it usually means, that something broken in the code cache. Try invalidating Idea cache and restarting if you are using Idea of course.


There is nothing special about the semantics of this code; it should just work. The issues look like the code is not getting rebuilt correctly for some reason.

Can you show an example where the lambda is not executed?