Will Extension classes be part of upcoming Kotlin versions?


I find extension classes in swift a useful feature to combine all extension functions for a single class.
I understand that this can be achieved by manually separating extension functions class wise in different files but it will be more useful if such classes can be part of Kotlin itself.
With this feature, classes with more functionality can be divided into small classes (main classes + extension classes)

Anybody knows if extension classes is part of roadmap for Kotlin in upcoming versions? or can we request such feature to Kotlin team?


The KEEP 87 cover your use case https://github.com/47deg/KEEP/blob/master/proposals/type-classes.md ?

Did you known http://arrow-kt.io/ ?


aah… KEEP 87 is similar… actually quite comprehensive version of my suggestion.
I was unaware of http://arrow-kt-io/. I will go through it.

Thanks for sharing both link :slight_smile: :+1: