Will kotlin participate in the Plat_Forms 2012 contest?


I’ve just read a newsticker article about the Plat_Forms 2012 programming language contest and wondered if any Kotlin team participates.

During this contest a “real world” application will be implemented in all major languages/platforms and it would be very interesting
to compare e.g. Java and Scala with Kotlin in regards of easy of understandability, code beautyness and other promises.

The announcement at https://www.plat-forms.org/platforms-2012-announcement says:

"The pros and cons of the various platforms are by-and-large known in
principle, but how the pros trade off against the cons in one platform
and how that compares to another platform is the topic of
quasi-religious wars only, not a subject of objective analysis, as
almost no data
is available that allows such direct comparison.

Plat_Forms is a contest that will change this. It will have top-class
(and hence comparable) teams of 3 programmers implement the same
specification of a web-based application under the same circumstances
and thus generate a basis for objective comparison of
the various
characteristics that the platforms generate."



The contest seems to be more about… umm… platforms, not languages. It's more a matter of frameworks available and stuff like that. I'd say Kotlin is not ready for this year's contest, but we could do implementation of the same tasks they give there some time later to adjust ourselves against the existing technologies. BTW, feel free to contribute there.