Write-only property, or different types for getter and setter?

It seems I can’t do this. Is there a way?

class MyBuilder {
    private val map = TreeMap<String, Any>()
    var body: String
        set(value) {
            map.put("body", value)

val b = MyBuilder()
b.body = "foo"

I want to use property syntax to add things to the map. I don’t want a type of String? for setter, because if you add anything it should not be null. If I could have different types for get and set they could be String? and String.


It’s hard to answer your question, because it hard to figure from your question what kind of problem you are trying to solve (there is a change that you are aiming for wrong solution). Please be more specific about the problem (not just what you would like to do in Kotlin, but in general)

At this time Kotlin supports neither write-only properties nor parameter type overloading for the setter. It’s possible that either of those features will be added to a future version of Kotlin, even though they’re not on the 1.1 roadmap.


A couple YouTrack issues to follow/+1 that are related to this:

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