Zakadabar: an MPP library for full-stack development


I’m happy to share our project with the Kotlin community. It is an open source software
library for full-stack application development.

We wanted to have a solid platform to build our applications on, with the
following goals in mind:

  • use only Kotlin,
  • work with a strict data model:
    • provide easy, idiomatic binding between the model and the UI,
    • provide automatic validation and user feedback from the constraints,
    • have communication automatically generated from the data model,
    • have common UI and server codes generated from the data model,
    • use the exact same data model code everywhere: server, browser, mobile.
  • have consistent, modern, customizable UI look and feel,
  • minimize the number of dependencies,
  • deny-first, allow-explicitly approach in security,
  • have current, easy-to-use documentation.

It is by no means perfect nor complete, we are at the starting point. It
contains only what we’ve needed on the way for our in-house projects.

That said, we think that the concept is solid, and we reached the point when the
feedback from the community can help us to smooth the rough edges.

Licence is Apache 2.0.

Please give it a look at:

Your opinion and/or contribution is much welcomed.

Tóth, István Zoltán

Edit: I posted this in the multiplatform category originally, but it looks like JS is the better place. A bit confusing. :smiley:

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