A benchmark to show you how fast my ORM framework is

At present, the only one problem of this ORM framework is that the Java API is not elegant enough. The next version will provide kotlin-specific API, please wait for a while.

Jimmer has achieved the following two goals

  1. More powerful than other ORM frameworks
  2. Faster than other ORM frameworks

Regarding the first point, it is difficult to explain in the limited space. Users must read all the contents of the documentation before they can understand it.

However, regarding the second point, one benchmark picture can tell everything.

  • The abscissa represents the count of data objects queried from the database.
  • The ordinate represents the operation count per second.

If you want to view full benchmark report, click here please.

If you want to run the benchmark, run this project please.


  1. Add test data of EclipseLink and Nutz
  2. Find issues and give optimization solution to let all the frameworks run as fast as possible, especially for exposed and ObjectiveSQL
  3. Add test data of Native JDBC