High-quality documentation for my ORM framework is completed

Hello everyone,

The high-quality documentation for my ORM framework is now complete: Jimmer, revolutionary ORM for java & kotlin

Based on suggestions from a group of Jimmer users, I spent a full four months writing this high-quality documentation.

In the past, I’ve introduced this ORM framework before, but for over a year prior, I invested 100% of my energy into continuously implementing planned features, with no time to write quality docs to tell more users what Jimmer actually is.

Now, the high-quality documentation is finally complete. It not only clearly shows what the current 0.8.23 version of Jimmer has accomplished, but also tells users what features it will add in the future.

JVM ecosystem has never lacked ORMs, people even think the competition for ORMs is over. But why am I still creating a new ORM?

  • Traditional ORMs provide an OOP programming model, which is very convenient, but lacks flexibility.

  • Non-ORM lightweight SQL template solutions have fine-grained control over SQL, which is very flexible, but requires huge amounts of work.

A good solution must achieve the best of both worlds, this is the first reason.

The second reason, in fact, completing CRUD database access is only the most basic and simple part of actual projects. There are other pain points that have always plagued developers.

Simple problems keep getting repeatedly solved, while truly complex problems are constantly ignored. I really hope to solve these truly complex problems. Therefore, I have contemplated these problems for over a decade, eventually summarizing a methodology, and providing abstraction and implementation.

Jimmer will bring tremendous value. If it obviously makes developing projects much easier for everyone, that will be the greatest reward for my persistent efforts thus far.


Wow, very interesting project, and performance seems to be amazing - will take a look :slight_smile:
I hope that you will have the time and resources to maintain and further develop the project…

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Maybe you should post about it in the Kotlin Slack’s #feed channel as well.
(At least I think it has higher traffic than this forum…)

Thank you for your feedback.

I have a thought. For a long time, the convenience of traditional ORMs and the control of lightweight SQL templates have been unable to coexist, leading people to believe that the advantages of both cannot be obtained at the same time, and that no more progress can be made in this field. Therefore, no matter how much thought has been put into it, or what kind of solutions have been proposed, most people’s reaction is indifference. So this is not enough, and a relatively long article needs to be written to tell people why this framework is the way it is now.

Do you think this idea is right?

Thanks for you suggesion.

Sounds good!
“a relatively long article” - just a thought: many people don’t read an article if it is too long :expressionless: - maybe try to author a “summarizing” article, and multiple parts about the various features for the more curious ones :slight_smile:
Besides, the docs you wrote are good basis for even those articles!

I will surely give your framework a try, based on the docs you have written :wink:
(Currently I use Hibernate, and although I’m OK with it, I’m not satisfied with it - and many of my colleagues hated/hates it, for various reasons. And I have to admit that it is based on a very old design…)

Keep up to good work! And I cannot ephasize enough: I hope you will be able to continue working on it, because it is a large project…

Is it possible to generate DDL code from the annotated entites?
We use Hibernate’s SchemaMigrator intensively to generate DDL code both for the initial table structure and when the structure of the entity classes change…

(I’ve run through the docs - it is very nice work indeed! Currently I see two missing features that are show-stoppers for me: DDL generation and (joined) entity inheritance.)

@babyfish-ct I have started using Jimmer for a new project and I absolutely love what you’ve created. Usage is straightforward and your documentation is second to none. Many other ORMs have plenty of Java documentation but as someone who’s new to Kotlin, your plentiful Kotlin examples are a welcome help! I wish you great success in proliferating use of this framework, as I’d like to see it continue and grow.

I’d like to know where is the best place to discuss Jimmer with others, without doing so here. I know you have a Discord community but the invite referenced on Discuss | A revolutionary ORM framework for both java & kotlin has expired.

Keep up the work and don’t lose momentum!