A problem when I compile the source code

I'd like to install the compiler version of Kotlin。Firstly I dowloaded the zip package from the GitHub then I extracted it to a folder, according to it's readme.md I install the Ant, and I use the command ant -f update_dependencies.xml in Command Line。But it occured a problem as follow picture shows:


Obviously the reason is I can’t connect the web site descripted in the update_dependencies.xml file.And I find that Kotlin seems do not provides binary installation package. Is there any way I can solve the problem? Many thanks.

Hi, If you want to install kotlin compiler you can follow this instruction. There is no needs to build Kotlin Compiler from sources if you want to try kotlin.

Hi   I tried the link you gave me in the answer, and still can not access the file.But it inspired me to try to find a package compiled. Finally I found an  availabe pacakge. Thank you.