Kotlin build.xml


I'm trying to familiarize myself with Kotlin so at some point maybe I'll be able to contribute to the project, so I figured learning how the kotlin project is structured and how to build it would be a good first step.   I didn't get far, when I try to build Kotlin using build.xml I get the error that "ideaSDK" directory doesn't exist.  Is this referring to the IntelliJ plugin development SDK?  If so, is it recommended to put this SDK inside the kotlin directory?  I've never developed an IntelliJ plugin so I don't know where to get this sdk.  Thanks!


If I remember correctly, this was solved by "ant -f update_dependencies.xml" as described in ReadMe.md


You are right, Otto. I'd like to add that it also can be done directly from IntellIJ IDEA, using "Ant Build" tool window. It's needed to find Update Dependencies -> update and invoke it.


Thanks.  I don't know how I missed those instructions in the ReadMe.md file.  However, I did try to run ant -f update_dependencies.xml, and I got an error, it couldn't download the ideaIC zip file:

update_dependencies.xml:36: Can't get http://teamcity.jetbrains.com/guestAuth/repository/download/bt343/.lastSuccessful/ideaIC-114.SNAPSHOT.win.zip

maybe this is a temporary problem with the teamcity server, I will try again!


You need to update your Kotlin repository: URL with 114.SNAPSHOT is obsolete, and current version of Kotlin repository uses actual URL.