Adding css animation to styledElement in kotlinJs

Hello, I am unable to add animation to my styled Div element in KotlinJs. I approached it as I would in simple HTML and CSS, but still not working.

I can’t find my mistake or any sample on the web.

styledDiv {
                css {
                    val move = KeyframesBuilder().run {
                                0.invoke {
                                    top= 0.px
                                    left= 0.px
                                100.invoke {
                                    top= 350.px
                                    left= 350.px
                    val animation1 = Animation (
                            name = "$move",
                            duration = 5.s,
                            timing= Timing.linear,
                            delay= 0.s,
                            iterationCount= IterationCount.infinite,
                            direction= AnimationDirection.alternate,
                            fillMode= FillMode.both,
                            playState= PlayState.running

                animation+= animation1