Kotlin (Javascript) in production

wondering how many people are using Kotlin->Javascript in production? I am currently deploying a small Kotlin(JS) application into production. Since I don’t see much of noise on the Internet regarding the KotlinJS I am wondering if there any big deployments already.
If you use Kotlin->JS, do you use any JS framework or HTML lib like Bootstrap?

Hi Jean!

We are using Kotlin (Javascript) for writing the client side Javascript needed for Administration Console for one of our applications. We are still in development and are planning to go in production some time before summer next year.

Our solution generates no HTML (of significance), every HTML element except BODY is generated using by our Javascript/Kotlin code. Communication with server is done using XmlHttpRequest and responses is given as JSON.

We are using no UI-framework, because as I see it, it’s hard to find a UI framework which beats the power of a having proper typed object oriented language :wink: Instead we’ve tried to adapt Facebook’s Flux approach for the most advanced parts of UI. Otherwise we have done something similar like you in (http://www.yested.net/), but with less focus on “builder DSL” as for me that have had more a nice demo effect than real usage. However I have seen someone working on a Kotlin wrapper for React: GitHub - andrewoma/reakt: Reakt is a Kotlin wrapper for facebook's React library.

When it comes to styling (CSS) we are giving each Kotlin class extending an “Element” a CSS class name which is the same as the Kotlin class name. Example: Class com.acme.ui.Toolbar wil then have CSS class “com.acme.ui.Toolbar”.


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