Adding Kotlin Support to an Existing Maven project in Intellij (Eclipse ->IntelliJ)

Hi All, We have a java project (Maven /Eclipse) which is straight forward to build either by command line or Eclipse. Now we want add some Kotlin support for the project and to leverage IDE support - for Kotlin  - planning to switch to IntelliJ (We are very new to IntelliJ). We have imported eclipse project into IntelliJ and configured maven (which is straight forward) . Java : 1.7 Intellij : 14.1.5 (trial) Maven : 3.2.5 Kotlin Plugin : 0.14.449.Idea141.12

But, when we open our *.kt files in IntelliJ, this is giving some unresolved references error.


It seems, the error is due to missing Kotlin in the build path.
Can you please provide the steps to configure this (we will also give a try :))



You need to add a dependency to the Kotlin standard library to your pom.xml. See here for instructions:


We have this dependency in place  already, and the current code is perfectly compilable using maven commandline
Kotlin Version - 0.12.412

<plugin>   <artifactId>kotlin-maven-plugin</artifactId>   <groupId>org.jetbrains.kotlin</groupId>   <version>${kotlin.version}</version>

           <goals> <goal>compile</goal> </goals>
           <goals> <goal>test-compile</goal> </goals>



We followed the article mentioned  to set-up/configure the POM.
We got this issue once we imported the project into IntelliJ (basically we are looking for seemless IDE integration).

NB: Now the code is imported into IntelliJ-14.1.5 with Kotiln Plugin - 0.14.449.Idea141.12


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kotlin-stdlib 0.12.412 isn't compatible with Kotlin Plugin 0.14.449: you should use the same version of Kotlin Plugin in IDE and in Maven.