Android AND iOS app without Swift code


I read through a lot posts and the KMM description.

But, I am confused and have one question.

KMM allows me to implement cross platform code and I can create an Android App which is possible to publish to Google. Is it also possible to create an iOS App without additional Swift code that I can create via KMM?

I am working on a Linux system and do not have a Mac for creating a Swift App.

Otherwise Flutter seems a good alternative which does not requires to have a Mac.

Thanks for your answers.

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AFAIK At the moment Kotlin/Native can build only frameworks or libraries when targeting iOS. Also there is no UI common library that targets Kotlin/Android and Kotlin/Native with iOS targets, so you can only share business logic in the form of a library

That would mean. If I plan to create an Android and an iOS app, Flutter allows me to implement it once and create runnable apps for both platforms. Kotlin only allows me to create business logic to share and additionally I have to create two native apps.

That means also, that Flutter allows me to create apps for both platforms, even when I use Linux, because their ecosystem is independent of that.

Am I right?

Yes it is possible to create ios application with swift code you can use objective c for development as well
recently we created a Fantasy Sports Application in ios with objective c.

But that means, I have to write two applications. One in Objective C for iOS and one in Kotlin for Android. I can not see the advantage of using KMM, if I have to write the double amount of code to have an Android and an iOS app.

If you have no team, flutter is probably a wiser choice. But if you are in a team and each dev is specialized in a particular platform, K/Multiplatform is the way I believe.

Have look at the latest Git live use case.

Thank you. Now I understand the idea behind it. Makes absolutely sense.