Flutter for UI, Kotlin for the rest

Hello all,

I know similar questions have been around and perhaps I will annoy many but I really need a professional advice.

I want to develop an app for both Android and iOS and have knowledge of Kotlin. But it is clear Kotlin alone will not ample.

Two ways are available:

  1. Kotlin MP + Swift in xCode (Swift must be learnt)

  2. Flutter (Dart must be learnt)

I think of third way, namely, Flutter for UI and the business logic with KMP. But the question is:

Is there any decent way to realise this combination? Some info in the internet says not quite.

Knowing only Kotlin, what is the logical and cost efficient way to proceed for me?

Thanks in advance.

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This depends on your app, if you don’t have to speak to native.
1. just go by flutter, because if you need to use bridges you will have to learn dart + kotlin + swift.
2. kotlin MP with jetpack compose that is in preview 2, and swiftUI…

3. Flutter + Kotlin MP it's good
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Hi, thanks for your reply.
Do you by any chance know how to realize “Flutter + Kotlin MP”. From what I have found about this combination, only out-of-the-box solutions are there.

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