Angular and Kotlin/JS

During the latest Kotlinconf it was mentioned that JB was working to make Kotlin/JS interop better with Angular2+ (who cares about AngularJS!). Has something already been shown?


More likely there was mentioned Angular 2+ as one of the possible directions to evolution as well as other JS frameworks and Kotlin frameworks. We didn’t do anything special for Angular 2+ yet, but we made good progress in general by starting generating d.ts files in the new compiler backend and are going to continue.

Also, you can find more technical details in the related issue. And feel free to vote or star to get updates in the future/

Also, maybe you will be interested in pure kotlin frameworks like fritz2, vision and yested_fw.


As much as I’d love to jump into those frameworks, the ecosystem around Angular is too big to be easily substituted. As said in the issue you linked above, Angular would be the real deal for Kotlin/JS!

I’ll add a shameless plug for doodle as well; if you do end up trying out pure Kotlin solutions.

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