Any good GUIs for embedded development

I’ve tried working with Kotlin/JVM with TornadoFX, but it’s startup time is about 15s, so I’d rather avoid that, as I’m working on an embedded platform.

Is there any GUI libraries, cinterop would work, that I could use for a commercial app for free?

Kind regards, mglolenstine

I’ve seen this before, but is there a way to get it working on arm32hf?
And with that I mean cross-compilation?
I’m currently using colibri imx6 for the embedded platform.

Well, you mean for ARM32 target…
Then maybe or

Correct, ARM32 target.
I’ll test these out and I’ll report back if these don’t provide what I need.


Ok, I’ve started using the sample from Dominaezzz’s kotlin-imgui library, for the K/N, but I get errors thrown when trying to compile it for linuxArmHfp.
error, my build.gradle.kts and my folder layout
It compiles and runs fine on the host, but it doesn’t get past the errors when compiling for the ARM32HFP.

It’s pretty new and untested, so please create an issue in kotlin-imgui repo.

You’re right!
I’ll do just that!
Thanks for your help!

And it’s true that I’ve missed this, where it states that currently supported platforms are LinuxX64 , MingwX64 and MacosX64, but it also states that JVM support is coming, so I think that it hasn’t been updated, as JVM support has been added 11 days ago.

Still support for all platforms is planned, I think if you create an issue and volunteer as tester for ARM32 - it can be implemented sooner.

I’ve posted my report as an issue on the repository. I’m looking forward to being a tester :wink:

Thanks for your help!